MARVA S.A. was fοunded in 1984 by the current president and CEO Mr. Vasilios Marasoglou and specilized in all the new European trends for the household. It was the first company to introduce the modern design to the kitchen and the table to all the categories such us dinnerware, cutlery, glass tumblers, table cloths, kitchenware etc.

MARVA S.A. kept on specilizing in these categories and evolving them always under the light of the current trends.

In addition, MARVA S.A. created extended collections of Small Furniture, Decorations, Bath, Christmas, Easter and Summer items.

Today, it is considered to be among the largest Greek companies of its sector.

MARVA S.A. remains a leader in a variety of categories looking always to combine the modern trends and the quality in houseware.

MARVA S.A. imports its products from Europe and Asia and exports many of them to Europe, Cyprus etc.

MARVA S.A. has 7000 square metres of modern self-owned premises in Athens, in Aniksi Attikis as well as offices and a Showroom in Thessaloniki for the clients of Northern Greece.

  • Athens, Ampelion 6, Aniksi Attkis, P.C. 14569 tel: 0030 210 6216930 fax: 0030 210 6216935
    Thessaloniki, 6th kilometre Thessaloniki Kalochori avenue, Kalochori tel: 0030 2310 755458 fax: 0030 2310 755458

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